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Have you learned your lesson, Dr. Carson?

As Leon Wolf over at RedState noted this afternoon, it took Trump a mere three days to throw his newfound quisling, Ben Carson, under the bus: Translation: "Yeah, that guy who endorsed me last week? Brain surgeon or something? Still...

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The 40×40 Project

A few years ago, I wrote the following: In other news, your One and Only Favorite Friendly Neighborhood MonT-SteR™ is, well, fat. Portly. Obese. Rotund. Corpulent. Some of you who actually see me on a regular basis will doubtless be completely UNsurprised at this...

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Dear Sen. Lambert: Not just no…

...but HECK no. Witness a frustrating display of unwarranted brag and bounce: The MonT-SteR's response: State Sen. Lambert, with all due respect, we've only had one primary, which was essentially a straw poll. And we've found in the aftermath that Romney actually...

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Your old men will dream dreams

I don't really consider myself an old man, but I do find that God speaks to me through dreams quite a bit. I haven't written about it here, but my grandfather passed away near the end of May. As I wrote in my journal, it was "a moment I've been dreading most of my...

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Daniel as a model for Christian political involvement

I’m sure you all are aware that political discourse in our country has become increasingly acrimonious and vapid. Both sides of the political spectrum hurl invective at one another. Demagoguery abounds. Politicians deal in platitudes, and the citizenry is both polarized and distrustful of the authorities like never before.

As a Christian man, I may disagree vehemently with a given political party or an individual candidate. But, biblically, that does not give me license to behave hatefully toward them, or to default to believing the worst about them. Rather, I’m called to honor them, to pray for them, to regard them as stewards who are ultimately chosen by God to faithfully discharge the office they hold. And I believe I’m called to do what I can to help them steward that position faithfully. Sometimes that involves the prophetic responsibility of calling them to account, as the OT prophets often did with the kings, but I won’t get into that here.

I think Daniel’s example is particularly instructive.

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Thoughts on idolatry

I just read the account of Jehu's purging of Ahab's dynasty and every last trace of Baal worship in 2 Kings. It's interesting to me that Jehu touts his zeal for the Lord, and at one point God Himself commends Jehu for faithfully carrying out His instructions vis-a-vis...

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Keep it up, Dems

I don't know about you, but the spectacle of our elected representatives (Dems in particular) standing to cheer Mexican President Calderon as he lectured the American people on the injustice of Arizona's new immigration law was infuriating. And a bit nauseating....

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