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Well, the war’s on.

My prayers go out to our leaders — President Bush, Congress, the generals on the battlefield…. May they abide in the reverence of Almighty God, which is the beginning of wisdom. May God grant them a spirit of humility; as it is written, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Give them ears to hear Your voice, O Lord. In this hour, may Your sovereign will be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven. Have mercy on our nation, and upon our soldiers who are on the field of battle. Protect them, and carry us through the days to come with as little bloodshed as possible.

For the innocents of Iraq, I ask for your protection. Order things, Lord, so that they might be kept from harm. Preserve them — You are not willing that any should perish, but that all should have eternal life.

Father, stir believers everywhere to prayer and repentance. When Your people humble themselves, pray, seek Your face, and turn from wickedness, You have promised to hear from heaven and bring healing to this sin-sick world. Help us, help me to grasp that promise, to keep it close to my heart each day, so that I can join the saints in fervent prayer for this moment in history.

Finally, Lord, let there be a speedy end to this conflict. And I pray that the world will be a safer, more peaceful place on the other side.

May Your Name be glorified in all the earth!

In Christ’s Name,