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Well, Habib Marwan just bit it on “24” in a most unsatisfying way. I guess Jack Bauer is going to have to figure it out somehow.

I have a couple of predictions I’m going to make for the remainder of the season finale:

Possibility 1: The other CTU agent involved with the operation at the Chinese consulate gave Jack up. The Chinese now have the evidence they need to implicate the U.S. government in the attack. Jack is going to give himself up as an independent actor, absolving the U.S. government of responsibility. Jack has already expressed to Audrey that he took a desk job in D.C. to get away from all the ugly things he had to do as a CTU agent. In Jack’s eyes, going out as the scapegoat will be his opportunity to redeem the horrible acts he’s committed.

Possibility 2: David Palmer, who seems to be a great patriot, will offer himself to the Chinese as the independent, secret authorizer of the attack. This also would resolve the U.S. government of responsibility in the operation, in addition to saving Jack Bauer’s life.

Jack and Audrey will not be able to patch things up. Their relationship (sadly) is history.

That’s all for now. More later….


aka The MonT-SteR