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Well, in lieu of a somewhat larger article that I’ve been preparing (and will post soon), here are a couple of headlines The MonT-SteR has noticed recently:

Grasshopper Swarm Kills Eleven
It never occurred to me that a swarm of grasshoppers could cause breathing difficulties for humans, but apparently it can. 11 people in Sudan were killed by asphyxiation because a grasshopper onslaught of biblical proportions exuded a stifling odor that interfered with normal breathing. No wonder Pharaoh temporarily cried “Uncle!” when the plague of locusts hit Egypt (Exodus 10). One can only speculate from a biblical standpoint, but based upon this news article it seems plausible that the Egyptians were bothered by more than the locusts’ nasty habit of munching anything they got their mandibles on!

Women Seduced by Internet Pornography in Droves
Women account for a larger amount of traffic at `net smut sites than most people realize. The pablum I constantly hear in defense of pornography — most notably that it’s “victimless” or “harmless adult fun” — never ceases to amaze me. In this article we have concrete proof that pornography tears families apart. One of the women who discussed her addiction to pornography says that she couldn’t wait for her children to go to sleep so she could resume her nightly ritual of virtual voyeurism. Eventually, she says, it dawned upon her that her pornography habit had become more important to her than raising her daughter. Another woman describes how her addiction to pornography grew out of the ash heap of her broken marriage. Bewildered by her ex-husband’s penchant for internet pornography, she endeavored to understand its allure. In her attempt to uncover the reason internet pornography held her former spouse in its thrall, she became hooked as well. In addition to this anecdotal evidence, let’s not forget the documented, statistical link between pornography and sex crimes. Victimless, harmless fun?? Bah! I would like to see some politicians and public interest law firms go after pornographers with the kind of zeal and outrage that is ordinarily reserved for tobacco companies. But it won’t happen, because apparently the First Amendment protects pornography as free speech. Yes, friends, the Founding Fathers risked their lives and sanctified with their blood the battlefields of the Revolutionary War for this one purpose, this high and lofty goal: to obtain and secure Larry Flynt’s right to produce material that is inarguably addictive and incontrovertably destructive to home and hearth. Give me a break.

That’s all for now. I’ll have lots to post here in the near future, including the third MonT-SteR Moment installment. So stay tuned!


aka The MonT-SteR