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My first audio blog post, brought to you by the folks at Audlink:

From the MonT-SteR’s Mouth #01

This modest little soundbyte is primarily to test my shiny new (and FREE) Audlink account, but I have also used the occasion to share some happy news. Give it a listen!

I see the audience has a question. You there, what would you like to ask?

“Rob, what about those MonT-SteR Moments you were promising? Those were cool — especially the bumper music. I can’t bear the thought of it, but will the new ‘From the MonT-SteR’s Mouth’ feature supplant all that MonT-SteR Moment goodness we’ve been dying for? For the love of Cheez-Itz, Rob, SAY IT AIN’T SO!!”

Relax, dear friends. “From the MonT-SteR’s Mouth” is only for those instances when I need to make an audio blog post and I just don’t have the time to produce a full-fledged MonT-SteR Moment. I have every intention of getting the MonT-SteR Moments back up and running in full force. Just stick around.

That’s it for now.

Blessings to all,

aka The MonT-SteR