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My good friend Adam left a tongue-in-cheek comment on one of my posts:

What’s with all the DEEP stuff?! 🙂 how about a blog on:
what you had for lunch
a great funny moment at the office
an awkward web cam shot you had to quickly remove
what you had for dinner
how you slept
what movies you saw and how you rate them?
All these questions and more would give us more insight into the mind and heart of the MonT-SteR (I still don’t know really how you are typing that).

He’s being funny, but it is something of a commentary on how much of the blogosphere has been taken over by narcissistic teenagers who set aside their homework to kvetch and moan about their tortured love lives, write “OMG” all the time, tell us what music they’re listening to as they type profundities about their favorite video game, flavor of bubble gum, or the latest shoe sale, and generally view their existence as a complex and witty TV sitcom that the world really wants to know about.

Did I get a little sarcastic there?

At any rate, to humor my friend, here is a day in the life of The MonT-SteR (Friday, 7/22, to be exact):

  • OMG (oh my goodness), I woke up late this morning for work. I was, like, TOTALLY running around in my boxers trying to get ready. I couldn’t find my keys, and even though Christi made lunch for me, I was in such a rush that I forgot to get it. That SO blows, but it’s all good because all the traffic lights on Indian River Rd. were blinking, which means I went straight to the interstate from my apartment in UNDER TWO MINUTES. I got to the office just in time. Woot woot!
  • Work was really busy, but OMG — it’s SO COOL, cuz like I’m doing, like, lots of creative stuff now. I do it all day, and I do it on a 2GHz dual-processor Mac. Talk about, like, some major office BLING. :^)
  • I had a chicken wrap from Chik-Fil-A for lunch. YUM! But God told me not to eat it until after I had prayed some on my lunch hour. That was like SOOOOO hard because I was, like SO HUNGRY I wanted to eat a brontosaurus or something. But I had a good prayer time. God loves me WOOT WOOT!
  • I finished work around 6:30, but Christi called and said she was sleeping so I thought OMG I have time to play around with my kewl Mac. So I did. Then I got some pizza at Y-Not and went home to eat it with my honey.
  • After we ate we spent some nice time together but OMG it was like, I could NOT keep my eyes open! So I read for a bit and then went to sleep.

There you have it. An exciting day in the life of The MonT-SteR, and a welcome respite from all the deep stuff.


aka The MonT-SteR