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UPDATE (5/1/2009):
I received credit for completing my offer — my ShamWow! towels arrived yesterday (happy happy, joy joy), and my offer was marked as complete by Notebooks4Free last evening. Now I just have to figure out how to get referrals.

Call me crazy, but Macinlust can drive one to do crazy things from time to time.

You’ve probably seen these sites where they offer goodies that appeal to anyone with a bit of a gadget bug. Complete an array of offers, and you’ll get the techno-carrot they dangle in front of your face to entice you—anything from iPods to PSPs to, well, Macbook Pros.

The problem with many of these sites is that they want you to complete the most ridiculous offers to get the goodie. No, I’m NOT going to apply for a mortgage and buy a European vacation package just to get a LAPTOP, for Pete’s sake. My gadget greed isn’t THAT out of control, thank you very much.

I recently encountered a site that asks one to complete a modest offer (like a trial at Netflix or a sample pack of gourmet coffee) and refer 24 people who also complete offers to get the goodie. That seems doable to me. So, I took the plunge.

In my case, I had to order some ShamWoW! towels, which is fine; I’ve been wanting to try them anyway. But now comes the work of referring 24 people who are willing to complete offers like I did.

So, if you’re interested in getting a Macbook Pro on the über-cheap, pay a visit. From what I’ve seen, this is actually a reputable company that’s not out to scam you (go here for a positive and seemingly credible review).

I’ll keep you posted on how my application for the Macbook progresses.


aka The MonT-SteR

P.S. The MonT-SteR Reduction has been going badly. I really fell off the horse after my business trip. A day off for Good Friday tomorrow will give me the chance to go to the gym for an extended period of time, thus breaking the pattern of not getting to the gym for an extended period of time. Pray for me! This whole weight-loss, fitness thing HAS to happen.