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Blogs4God recently showcased some liberal Christian blogs, including that of seminarian Chuck Currie.

An entry Chuck wrote, entitled I’m a Pro-Choice Christian and I Vote, caught my eye. The title aptly describes the content of the post.

Abortion is a lightning rod issue. I can’t think of too many subjects that are more divisive and controversial. As I stated previously vis-a-vis homosexuality and gay marriage, the heated rhetoric generated by such a touchy subject often makes calm and reasoned discourse on the issue impossible. The same applies to abortion. Bearing that in mind, I will attempt to be as irenic in my tone as possible.

I find a disturbing trend among many pro-choicers that is actually a subset of a larger moral pandemic in America: They haven’t thought their position through. A woman simply has a sacrosanct right to end a pregnancy by destroying that inconvenient mass of cells (otherwise known as a fetus) in her uterus. To suggest otherwise is to engage in a misogynistic effort to rob women of their physical and sexual autonomy. Period. End of story.

I witnessed this phenomenon on the Sean Hannity show. Sean was giving his left-leaning interns a hard time on various and sundry moral issues, and he asked one what the “cut-off” date for an abortion ought to be. If memory serves, she arbitrarily chose the beginning of the second trimester, because that was what was “legal.” I was screaming at the radio, “Well, where does the idea of ‘legal’ come from?!?”

The fact is, friends, that legality is derivative. According to the law of the land, murder is “illegal.” Why is that? Because unjustly ending another person’s life is wrong. And why is it wrong? At this point the question of morality gets a bit sticky. Do morals proceed from a consensus of subjective human sensibilities, or are they transcendent and absolute? The former leads inevitably to moral anarchy. If the latter is the case, where do morals originate? Are they simply self-existent, as objectivists like Ayn Rand might have us believe, or are they themselves derivative?

Christianity contends that objective morality is an outflow of God’s person, nature, character, and activity. As such, Christians must be circumspect when evaluating contemporary moral issues. Conventional morality simply will not do if it is diametrically opposed to who God is and what He values.

Chuck, man, are you actually going to sit there and tell me that abortion is in sync with who God is and what He values? Do you really think the Author of Life is okay with the wanton destruction of millions of unborn children day in and day out? As a follower of Christ, can you reasonably argue that the God who calls us to defend those unjustly sentenced to death is pleased when you happily support the sacrifice of life on the altar of autonomy?

I’d like to gently suggest that you need to think your position through a bit more — and that you need to repent.


aka The MonT-SteR