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An entry in my personal journal from February 1, 2004:

In my earlier days as a believer, I majored on the miraculous power of God. My constant hope and expectation was to see the might of the Most High crash dramatically through barriers of human limitation and demonic machination. With time and growth, I came to witness the unrelenting subversiveness of the quiet, patient exercise of His power. Even the trickle of the tiniest stream has the ability to carve canyons over time.

I think, however, that my pendulum may have swung too far in one direction. A fellow student in one of my missions classes said, “I’m tired of a powerless Gospel.” That’s the way I feel today. Whether it comes by trickle or tempest, God’s power is available to His children. I’ve lost sight of that. I don’t live as though it’s true.

No more.

Here’s a personal musing on C.S. Lewis from my own Christian perspective:

Friday, January 10, 2003

I’m reading Mere Christianity right now, and had a few thoughts on the timelessness of God. C.S. Lewis says that reality for God is beyond any sort of timeline, i.e., past, present, and future. For Him, all is Now. Anything less would cause God to lose some of His reality. Once present becomes past for us, it is no longer something we can experience or know directly. Reality, for us, is limited to the instant. For God, all is current reality. What we call tomorrow and cannot see, He calls Now?to Him, it is just as visible, just as experiential, as the instant is to us. The same goes for the past. Hence, as Scripture says, 1000 years with the Lord is as but 1 day, and vice versa.

I mention all this in relationship to prophecy. Since God is timeless, the knowledge He bestows to His people is timeless as well. Thus, predictive prophecy is made possible. Since tomorrow is Now for God, He can give us tomorrow’s information Now. The gift of prophecy can often be the means by which the timelessness belonging uniquely to God breaks into the time-bound reality we all know. The prophet’s lips can be a window on the timeless, and his words harbingers of the eternal. God uses those who prophesy to minister His own unique perspective (one which we cannot gain on our own) to the Body of Christ. It is the inbreaking of the eternal on the finite?an opportunity for time-bound humanity to see tomorrow Now with some of the clarity that God alone enjoys.

Food for thought …


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