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Well, friends, I just can’t let it rest.

Today, I stumbled across a remarkable, eminently sensible British documentary about climate change. It affirms many of the points I made in my last two installments of From the MonT-SteR’s Mouth™, and essentially pokes devastating holes in the theory of global warming as a human-induced phenomenon.

Among the documentary’s highlights:

  • It dispenses with the ridiculous notion that scientists who are skeptical about abiogenic CO2 emissions as the cause of global warming are invariably in the employ of “big oil” and therefore suspect. Ellen Goodman used such arguments in her recent op-ed piece, giving the false impression that scientists who ascribe to popular global warming theory are as pure as the wind-driven snow and free of all bias or self-interest. Nothing could be further from the truth. Scientists compete for funding, friends, and are very adept at capitalizing on the zeitgeist of the moment in order to finance their research. As Nigel Calder states, one might not get funding for a simple study on squirrels; but mention that the study has a special concern for the effect of global warming on their nut gathering habits, and the grant is much more likely to come through. Why don’t we ever hear about the corruption of science at the hands of hysterical global warming apologists in the employ of big government?
  • It makes the point, as I have, that climate change is nothing new. It’s a natural phenomenon whose engine is comprised of multiple factors, all ancient and far more powerful than all of humanity combined, and in some cases, lightyears away.
  • The chief premise of Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary (ahem!) is thoroughly torpedoed.
  • It frames the battle over global warming as a social justice issue. This aspect should be of grave concern to prominent Christian leaders who have embraced the activist community associated with popular global warming theory (Rick Warren, are you listening?). Impoverished, developing nations are being told by the likes of Greenpeace that they mustn’t use fossil fuels and other natural resources to propel their economies forward. They are told they must use alternative fuels, such as solar energy and wind power — all out of a misguided concern to avert further proliferation of CO2 emissions. But these forms of energy are so expensive and difficult to harness that the wealthy West has trouble using them. Thus, they are untenable for use in poor nations, where staggeringly short life expectancy rates can be directly linked to the unavailability of electrical and gas power that we take for granted every day. In short, “green” thought vis-a-vis global warming actually has the effect of compounding and solidifying the misery of millions in third-world countries. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find it “Christian” in the least to support such a paradigm.

I often wonder if the debate can even be won by the right people at this stage. The global warming propagandists have enjoyed unfettered access to the public ear for nearly 20 years. But I’m encouraged that informed, credible skeptics are increasingly finding a voice. The fine documentary I’ve described above is evidence of that.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” Hope you find it thought-provoking and eye-opening:


aka The MonT-SteR