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Well, friends, it has been nearly 6 months since I last made a post to The MonT-SteR REPORT. Time flies, doesn’t it?

I’ve been painfully cognizant of the fact that my eagerly anticipated 100th blog post has been forthcoming for so agonizingly long. In fact, I’ve even received a stray e-mail or two from friends and readers of tMR who asked, “Hey, Rob, what gives? Where’s that eagerly anticipated 100th blog post? I’ve been on pins and needles since May, and let me tell you, IT HURTS!”

Actually, those e-mails didn’t go quite like that, but you get the idea.

The truth is, friends, that Your One and Only Favorite MonT-SteR™ has been suffering from two ailments that are detrimental to blogging:

  1. I’ve been SUPER busy.
  2. I’ve been running low on creative energy and inspiration.

So while I’ve had grandiose plans for my 100th blog post, I’ve lacked the wherewithal necessary to git `er done (so to speak).

This has been a sore trial, because there is always plenty of theology, politics, current events, issues, life, the universe, and EVERYTHING to discuss — but I refused to allow myself to get sidetracked from what I had in mind for my 100th post. Six months later, my 100th rant is still only a twinkle in my eye, and tMR has been deafeningly silent.

Well, I’ve reached a decision. That 100th blog post will appear on the site in due course. I’ll even call it my 100th post (even though this is actually post #100). But I want to be free to talk about what strikes me, inspires me, angers me, saddens me, or generally ruffles my rhubarb on a day-to-day basis. I don’t want to be mute for another 6 months.

So, it’s official, friends. The MonT-SteR is once again entering the fray — and just in time for the election. *WINK!*

It’s good to break the silence. Hope my handful of readers feel the same way.


aka The MonT-SteR