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The MonT-SteR REPORT is resilient, if nothing else. Last April, it survived when the hosting service I use had a Chernobyl-sized meltdown.

This week, tMR weathered the storm I am calling The Harrowing Domain Name Expiration SagaTM of 2005. I attempted to renew this weekend with the folks over at WazooWeb. They had been warning me for weeks that it was about to expire, so naturally I waited until the last minute and tried to renew it on its expiration date — in this case, this past Sunday.

I’ll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that my efforts on Sunday were not successful. The WazooWeb sales folks had the audacity to actually go home for the weekend. What nerve! So I passed Sunday afternoon and evening nervously biting my nails, worried that some squatter was going to gobble up my precious domain name and force me to plie said squatter with fistfuls of money to get it back.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. tMR is back in business after a relatively brief 2.5 day outage, and I don’t have to hand my hard-earned cash over to a would-be squatter. This is a good thing, since I wouldn’t have been able to plie him or her with much more than fistfuls of coins totalling $2.83.

All’s well that ends well.


aka The MonT-SteR