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Once again, dear tMR readers, please accept my humble apology for the lack of postage around here lately. Most of my free time has been taken with studying and preparing to deliver lectures, as I was slated to co-teach a Christian Education class at my alma mater, Regent University’s School of Divinity. The demands of preparing to teach graduate students forced me to knock blogging down a few pegs on the priority list in recent weeks.

All that’s going to change in the near future, because I found out mere moments ago that the class has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. I’m not too happy about that, but — on the bright side — it will free me up to tackle some tMR-related projects that have been plotted by recent Machinations of the Monti MindTM.

Moreover, you’re going to see a bit of a shift in focus on tMR in the weeks to come. The MonT-SteR REPORT will be a whopping 3 years old next month, and I’ve been doing some soul-searching about the general direction my blog has taken since its auspicious beginning (stop snickering!) back in 2002. In short, I think my flight through the blogosphere needs a bit of a course correction, but I won’t say any more about that until tMR’s actual birthday.

I’m looking forward to the days to come.


aka The MonT-SteR