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Moe Lane over at called it. Coakley is toast, which may very well be the stake through Obamacare’s heart. To quote Mr. Lane, “DOOM.”

Senator Elect Brown and tea partygoers everywhere, congratulations.

Senator Webb, you aren’t fooling anyone. You and Warner both sold out on Obamacare, and we shan’t forget it. With the denouement of today’s Boston Tea party, the writing on the wall is just too stark for you to ignore.

But it’s too late. You and Senator Warner chose to brush aside the sensible majority you’re supposed to represent when we were angrily, desperately assailing switchboards and inboxes, begging you not to let Obamacare advance in the Senate.

You betrayed your public trust. You both turned a deaf ear to us. And there’s NOTHING you can say or do at this point that will EVER erase that fact.