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Time to man up, mainstream media (MSM).

There are some pointed questions I have not heard asked of Sen. Obama vis-a-vis Bill Ayers. Charlie Gibson had an opportunity to ask them, but elected not to. Instead, he unquestioningly swallowed Obama’s flimsy line about how Bill Ayers is “somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago when [Obama] was just eight years old.”

Both Barack and Michelle Obama have stated that Ayers is simply a well-known education policy wonk in the Chicago area. Mrs. Obama said yesterday on Larry King that there isn’t anyone heavily into education policy in the Chicago area “who doesn’t know Bill Ayers.” It’s an obvious attempt to downplay Sen. Obama’s ties to Ayers by asserting that, in Chicago politics, associating with Ayers is almost unavoidable — and no big deal.

What Sen. Obama and his wife conveniently omit is that, to this very day, Ayers is utterly unrepentant about having committed (or been party to) violent terrorist acts against the United States. It’s a matter of public record. And I have not heard Sen. Obama directly repudiate Ayers for that (not just the “detestable acts” committed 40 years ago) in any way, shape, or form.

Not. One. Single. Time.

He is content, rather, to immediately point fingers at McCain’s campaign for engaging in “the politics of personal destruction” by having the unmitigated gall to bring Ayers up at all. And the MSM happily indulges this narrative, which is nothing short of a national disgrace.

The truth, Senator, is that while Ayers is not currently one of your campaign consultants, your association with the man has been more than casual or incidental to your political career. You may have been eight years old when Ayers attempted to kill innocent people, but you have chosen to freely associate with him during your adult years in multiple contexts.

Here are the questions I want Obama to be asked:

  • At what point in your adult life, Senator, did you become aware of Ayers’ history?
  • How did this knowledge affect your relationship with Ayers (whatever its nature)?
  • If you knowingly associated yourself with this man after learning that he was an unapologetic domestic terrorist, does that disqualify you from being President of the United States?
  • Does it bother you that Ayers has publicly stated that he has absolutely no remorse over having tried to take innocent lives?
  • Are you prepared now to publicly denounce not only the “detestable acts” he committed 40 years ago, but also the cavalier, hard-hearted attitude he currently has about having plotted and/or carried out multiple acts of attempted murder and wanton destruction?
  • Given Ayers’ deeds and rhetoric, Senator, it would not be unreasonable to label him a Marxist revolutionary in the mold of Lenin. Why do you suppose he elected to 1) personally host a gathering that launched your first run for the Illinois State Senate in 1995, and 2) contribute to your 2001 reelection campaign?