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“Um, excuse me, Rob, but weren’t you going to do a series on Hell? And what about that vaunted ‘expose’ on EVP? Can’t you finish what you start?”

I know, I know. I hate to admit it, but you’re right. I guess that’s why I’m on the short list for the “2005 Blogger with the Attention Span of a Housefly” award. A dubious distinction, to be sure.

At any rate, I felt compelled to do a public service for devotees of the Apple Macintosh. Long-time readers of tMR know that The MonT-SteR is an unapologetic Mac partisan. This is why I recently lobbied the powers that be at my place of employment to purchase a Mac for me. I’m gradually becoming a one-man corporate design department, and I suggested that a Mac would be preferable to my existing Wintel machine (which routinely crashes when I perfom complex, RAM-hungry operations like OPENING WINDOWS EXPLORER — sheesh!) for creative authoring. Apparently, my initial request wasn’t enough to convince them, because they came back and said, “Give us compelling reasons to buy a Mac, and we’ll consider it.” What, my own personal preference isn’t compelling enough?

So The MonT-SteR set about doing research. With the help of the only two other Mac partisans at my company, I came up with a concise case to justify the purchase. The overarching argument of the case is that the Mac’s superior power and speed, combined with its greater reliability, yield enhanced productivity.

At the risk of alienating PC users and the ensuing hail of hate e-mail some of them may hurl in my virtual direction, I’m posting a copy of the case here. My hope is that other Mac partisans who have to survive in the corporate Wintel wilderness may find the information useful. It doesn’t contain anything that’s not already available on the Web, but it does put some powerful information in one compact, tidy package.

And so without further ado, here it is in PDF format and as a Word doc.


aka The MonT-SteR