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Well, folks, it appears that our friends over at BlogMatrix are going the way of the dodo bird.


This little quickie of a post is part of my attempt to get my RSS feed up and running again with BlogStreet. Let’s hope they don’t follow the BlogMatrix example and go off to join the dearly departed sauropods whose names are permanently filed by eggheaded scientists under “Extinct.”

“Okay, Rob. That was an inpenetrable fog of a sentence. Whatever happened to clarity and efficiency in your writing? Didn’t you ever read Strunk & White?”

Oh, hush. If you’re going to be that way, go hang out with the Self-Appointed Grammar Police. No? Then perhaps you’d like to join the teeming mass of lemmings we typically identify as “film critics” and write yet another refreshingly vicious diatribe trashing Mel Gibson and implying that biblical Christianity is nothing more than fodder for snarling Jew-haters. If you’re going to do that, be sure to misuse the word “cynical,” as the gentleman I have cited does.

The MonT-SteR apologizes for his crankiness.