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Those of you who are longtime readers of The MonT-SteR REPORT will no doubt recall that The MonT-SteR is an unapologetic fan of the Macintosh platform. I’ll never forget using one for the first time in middle school. I was drawing a comic strip for the school paper using a Mac 512k (I think) and a first-generation drawing tablet. At every turn, I was amazed at how Apple’s cute little box empowered me to create — and I’ve never looked back.

In fact, I’m enough of a Mac apologist (see my Mac Justification for Corporate Design Departments document) that I shamelessly indoctrinate my son on a regular basis. He looks at our Mac at home, points, and says, “Ap-ple,” to which I reply, “Yes, son. That’s the right kind of computer to use. Apples are good, PC’s are YUCKY! God obviously likes Macs much better than PC’s. Remember that, okay?”

As a Mac lover, I was delighted to see the newest round of Apple TV commercials. My favorite is the “Viruses” one, which had me rolling on the floor when I first saw it. Every time Mr. PC (who bears a strong resemblance to Bill Gates) gets that glazed, far off look in his eye and says, “I think I’m gonna crash!” I can’t help but laugh.

So friends, in honor of the best Apple ad campaign that’s come along in years, and for your viewing pleasure, I present “Viruses.” The file is about 2.5MB, and you’ll need QuickTime to view it.


aka The MonT-SteR