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My beloved home town, Cumberland, MD, is a stone’s throw away from West Virginia. In fact, a short walk across the Blue Bridge near downtown Cumberland will take you into not only the neighboring town of Ridgley, but also the next state. When I was a kid, my family used to cross the Blue Bridge all the time when we went to the Ridgley Dairy Queen; it’s a familiar landmark of the city, and I saw it or traveled on it hundreds of times in the 20 years I lived there.

One of the bridge’s striking features is a set of particularly nasty looking spikes near the bottom of each arch, designed to keep would-be climbers and jumpers away (you can see them in this large image of the bridge). The spikes looked extraordinarily sharp and threatening to me as a kid, so I always assumed that nobody would be crazy enough risk getting impaled by climbing on or jumping from the Blue Bridge.

So, you can imagine my shock at seeing two YouTube videos showing crazy people jumping from the Blue Bridge into the Potomac. I sat with my mouth agape as I watched these. People from other localities won’t find these videos as surprising or interesting, but if you’re familiar with the Cumberland area, you gotta see them.

Warning: The second one contains multiple expletives (why do people need to swear?).


aka The MonT-SteR