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I’m in the process of sending out a birth announcement I made for my new son (you can see it here), and so I’m searching for the e-mail addresses of some long lost friends.

One such friend is my college roommate, Evan Price, who was lead violinist for the Grammy-winning Turtle Island String Quartet, and now plays with the Hot Club of San Francisco. In the process of looking for his e-mail address, I stumbled upon this article at NPR’s Web site.

It turns out that Evan lost his violin a few years back by leaving it on the curb at the airport. As a former bassoonist whose axe was badly damaged one day by a wayward restroom door (I’ll tell the full story another time), I can imagine how devastating this was for Evan. Unfortunately, concert obligations didn’t allow him much time to grieve; Evan was forced to find another instrument, pronto. Eight months and one police sting operation later, however, his long lost violin was miraculously recovered.

You’d think that would be a “happily ever after” ending to the story, but it presented a sticky dilemma for Evan. Check out the article.

Just a fun little tidbit of trivia I thought I’d share…


aka The MonT-SteR