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Well, friends, The MonT-SteR is en route to Dallas, TX to attend the National Religious Broadcasters 2006 Convention. I’d love to say I’m attending as a Christian broadcaster, but I’m actually going because the company I work for is exhibiting at the show.

I thought it would be fun to keep a journal of my experiences and impressions while on this trip. This is only the second time I’ve attended a tradeshow, and I’ve never been to a Christ-centered tradeshow (which the NRB convention is ostensibly designed to be).

In any case, I’ve already had an interesting trip:

  • My flight out of Norfolk International (ORF) was nearly 3 HOURS LATE taking off. This caused me to miss my connecting flight here in Charlotte. Thankfully, the folks at ORF knew us poor souls bound for Dallas would be hopelessly late, and so they bumped us over to an American Airlines flight that leaves here at about 7 p.m.
    After learning this at US Airways Special Services, I mosied on over to the American Airlines gate to confirm my seat. It was there that I caught a bunch of undeserved guff and attitude from a ticket agent:
    Agent: Did you ask about your bags?
    The MonT-SteR: What do you mean?
    A: Do you know if we got your bags?
    TM: No, I have no idea.
    A: (Now visibly agitated and impatient) Next time this happens, you need to ask about your bags. Once you’re on our flight, it’s a hit against us if we have to deliver your bags to you.
    TM: (Now wondering how in the world this is his fault) Oh, um… okay.
  • After my pleasant and stimulating chat with the ticket agent, I got some lunch and sat down with my loaner laptop to take advantage of some WiFi goodness, courtesy the Charlotte International Airport. On a whim, I typed in the URL for The MonT-SteR REPORT, only to find that the Charlotte airport’s content filter has BLOCKED MY SITE!! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, tMR is a forbidden blog at Charlotte Douglas International. The reason? Apparently, there must be something cultish or occultish about my site — it was filed under a “forbidden category” of “cult/occult.” I can’t quite figure out why this happened, but maybe it was all those references to Christianity. No, it must be all those rants about biblical morality. Oh, wait — I know! It was the Terri Schiavo podcast where I railed against her murder. Mmm, no, that couldn’t have been it. Honestly, folks, I’m at a loss. But I’m probably going to write to the IT folks at the airport about it. For goodness sake, anybody can see that there’s nothing remotely occultic about my blog.


aka The MonT-SteR