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I haven’t worked out the theology on whether or not there will be animals in heaven, or if everyone’s dearly departed Fido will be waiting for them at the pearly gates with tails a-wagging. Until I know otherwise, I certainly hope so on both counts. But I’m specifically hoping that there will be grizzly bears and tigers in abundance. for two reasons:

  • They are magnificent, awe-inspiring animals.
  • My long-held secret hope has been to run up to a grizzly bear, give it the biggest bear hug I can muster, and bury my face deeply in its fur.

I figure that my best opportunity to experience the latter would be in heaven, since in this world I’m not likely to survive an encounter with a grizzly bear. As if to drive the point home, I recently found this video on YouTube that demonstrates the grizzly’s incredible brute strength:

So now my prayer is two-fold: Lord, let me hug a grizzly in heaven, and please, PLEASE don’t EVER let me be on the wrong end of a grizzly’s paw!


aka The MonT-SteR