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This three-part installment of From the MonT-SteR’s Mouth comes to you courtesy of the outrage wing of The MonT-SteR REPORT. There are few activist organizations out there that rub The MonT-SteR’s rhubarb the wrong way like PeTA does. Recent news is a not only a good example of how expertly PeTA manages to get my goat, but the shining inspiration for the following audio rant — rendered with typical MonT-SteR gusto. Enjoy:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three (NOTE: I neglected to mention in Part Three that the vegan doctor’s association that illegally obtained Dr. Atkin’s post-mortem medical report has been censured by the AMA and is nothing less than a front organization for (you guessed it) PeTA!)

My critique of the Platinum Rule is still forthcoming, as is the revival of the MonT-SteR Moments. Really, I mean it. Stay tuned.


aka The MonT-SteR