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Sarah Palin and her “warm-up acts.” In all, a good round of speeches for the GOP — good use of humor, but hard-hitting as well. Palin is in a class by herself as the poised, articulate, hockey mom of a Washington outsider. My instinct is that she’s going to win over a lot of the swing voters. But will they stay? This is why I’m eager for all the allegations (“trooper gate,” and now the Enquirer is alleging an affair) to get cleared up once and for all; I doubt the media will cooperate. Part of me wished that Palin addressed at least some of this stuff in her speech tonight, but I suppose that would be impolitic. She sure can’t afford to let the mud-slinging and calumnies go unanswered for too long. One thing McCain doesn’t need is baggage heading into Nov.; as happy as I am with Palin, that’s the one thing that worries me right now. Hope it all comes out in the wash.


Tropical Storm Hannah. They’re predicting that it will reach hurricane strength before making landfall, but at this point they don’t think it will have enough time to grow into a major hurricane. The projected landfall has been steadily inching north and east for the past several days. Now, it appears that Virginia Beach could get a direct hit by the right-front quadrant of the hurricane very shortly after it makes landfall south of the Outer Banks. We’re planning to evacuate if Hannah reaches anything higher than minimum Cat 2 strength. That’s about what Isabel was when we weathered that storm in 2003, and I wouldn’t want to try to wait out anything worse — especially now that we have crumb crunchers in the house. 🙂

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