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As many of you know, that poisonous train wreck of a stimulus bill passed, and it wouldn’t have happened without Senator Arlen Specter’s continued perfidy. I’m not a Pennsylvania resident, but my grandparents are. They are part of the “greatest generation,” and my granddad served honorably during World War II. So you can imagine my shock when I found out that the stimulus bill contains measures that ration health care to senior citizens using Medicare based on a cold, unfeeling equation.

That’s right, folks. The stimulus bill sets up a new bureaucracy that determines which of our seniors get health care and which ones don’t.

You need bypass surgery? Hmm, let’s see here. According to actuarial tables, given your medical history and hereditary risk factors, you only have another 2 years of average life expectancy. Let me plug your numbers into our formula here, and… Ooh, sorry! You might beat the actuarial table, but we can’t risk it. Giving that bypass to someone a bit younger is a better use of health care dollars. Well, better get your house in order. Next!

Doesn’t sound very nice, does it? I appealed to Senator Specter not to support the bill for this and many other reasons. Millions of other citizens like me did the same. He voted for it anyway. And folks, I’m not just ticked. I’m fire-breathing, nail-spitting mad.

So I sent the good senator a note, letting him know exactly how I feel:

Dear Senator Specter:

You have betrayed your country by supporting a bill that puts generations to come into hock. Moreover, you have voted for legislation that will wreck our economy and ration health care to citizens like my grandparents — Pennsylvania residents who are part of the “greatest generation” that saw our nation through the perils of World War II and the Cold War.

They deserve better. We all deserve better.

Therefore, be assured that I, as a United States citizen, will devote all the time and treasure I can muster to oppose you when you are next up for re-election, in hopes that someone more worthy of your office will be duly elected in your place.


Robert R. Monti
Virginia Beach, VA

I’m serious about this. Senator Specter has to go. I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure he loses the next Republican primary. Stay tuned…



I can only conclude from this that a significant portion of Obama’s supporters believe that they have elected a personal Santa Claus.

Julio, if you don’t like the pay and benefits at MacDonald’s, then FIND ANOTHER JOB. Don’t blame others for the fact that the Mickey D’s health care plan ain’t all that. What in heaven’s name do you expect? It’s MACDONALD’s! If you can’t find another job, then it’s YOUR responsibility to do what you can to enhance your resume, acquire better skills, and find a better situation. YOU take initiative. Don’t lower yourself by begging the President to make MacDonald’s give you the moon just because YOU think they should.



The “I Love You, Barack” lady has been making the rounds on the `net:

Don’t get me wrong here — my heart goes out to Henrietta Hughes. Once again, however, someone has an opportunity to sit in President Santa Claus’s lap and present a wish list. Is this really appropriate? I’m all for approachability in public officials, but I feel like there’s some sort of impropriety in the way she and good ol’ Julio address the President.

The onlooker behind her could barely contain herself. Her bottom lip was quivering. You could see that her respiratory rate had increased. Folks, I’m flummoxed by this.

Mrs. MonT-SteR reminded me that I have the benefit of being grounded in Christ, of having hope in God, of knowing that I’m cared for by His hand. Not everybody has that. And so they will glom onto whatever seems to offer it in their estimation.

It’s wrongheaded, but a lot of people are focusing affection that ought to be reserved for God Himself on President Obama. He’s a man, and like any man he’s bound to disappoint at some juncture. But it’s a good reminder that the hope we have in Christ needs to be shared as widely and liberally as possible.


This article needs no comment. We really do hang by a thread. Man, in his pride, has lost control of everything. I continue to assert that this country will disintegrate in short order apart from another Great Awakening that impacts every state in the union.


aka The MonT-SteR