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Faithful tMR readers know by now that The MonT-SteR tends to have a serious bent of mind. When my brain is not otherwise occupied, it usually drifts toward the burning issues of our time, such as:

  • The problem of evil
  • For the modern Christian, is typology merely the study of a biblical literary form, or is it a valid method of biblical interpretation, or is it both?
  • Where do morals come from?
  • And so on.

Yes, I like to think about serious things. But even I, your one and only favorite MonT-SteR, still gravitate toward the trite and inconsequential from time to time.

Speaking of which, has joined trilobites, sauropods, and dodo birds on the list of earth’s dearly departed (longtime tMR readers know there’s some history here — the uninitiated should visit this link and scroll down a bit). Alas, the world must somehow learn to do without mundane recountings of shopping trips, jealousy-ridden rants against Jessica Simpson, and puerile whinings about how George W. Bush ruined a sorority girl’s European vacation. [sniff] That’s all I can say now — it’s just…too…emotional…. [sniff]


aka The MonT-SteR