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Long-time readers of tMR will recall that there is no love lost between everybody’s favorite MonT-SteR and those turkeys up in Blacksburg, otherwise known as the Virginia Tech Hokies.

All I can say is, “Thank you `Canes!”

Hey, when you have a stupid turkey as your mascot, you’re just asking for some major come-uppance.

Now, the come-uppance will be complete if 1) Virginia Tech drops to one place below LSU in the BCS standings, 2) LSU beats Alabama next week, 3) Virginia Tech and LSU face each other in a bowl game, and 4) LSU STOMPS ALL OVER THEM to avenge the 2001 game they lost to Virginia Tech because the crummy Hokies cheated by adding a game to their schedule before the LSU game (which was contrary to the agreement between the two schools).

All wishful thinking, I imagine. But it’s fun to dream. In the meantime, I can relish the fact that the Beamer Brigade got their lunch handed to them by Miami (turkey sandwiches, of course).


aka The MonT-SteR