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Any time Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, or James Dobson comment on politics from a religious perspective, there’s nothing but hooting and catcalls in the media for the following week.

So what happens when certain left-leaning politicians mix religion and politics?

You can hear the crickets chirping.

Case in point example: Hillary Clinton decrying newly proposed legislation that would crack down on illegal immigration. She says it’s not in keeping with her understanding of the spirit of the Scriptures. Furthermore, she argues, it would criminalize the likes of the good Samaritan and ultimately Jesus Himself. This, friends, is not harmless religious philosophizing. It’s vicious rhetoric that is designed to pigeonhole people who actually want to enforce our nation’s laws vis-a-vis immigration as racist, anti-compassion, anti-tolerance, and ultimately anti-Christ.

Note the complete and utter absence of a media firestorm. This highlights the absolute hypocrisy of many on the left. God-talk is okay as long as the invocation is in support of a libertine stance on contemporary issues. But it’s only the right that illegitimately hijacks Jesus as a political football for their closed-minded ideals.


aka The MonT-SteR