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Oops. I was so furious over this that when I heard Katie Couric, I thought Today show. And I fired off a missive to Bloomberg’s office with that error in it. A quick-tempered man…

Oh, well. Below is the letter with corrections. I suppose Bloomberg’s office will write me off as an idiot. Another testament to the necessity of proofing.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City of New York
253 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

Mayor Bloomberg:

Your recent comments on the CBS Evening News implicating foes of Obamacare in the attempted bombing on Times Square were contemptible in the extreme. It is most regrettable that you have chosen to equate those who ascribe to the values of our Founders with Islamic militants. It seems to me that one of those two groups has a clear track record of terrorist acts. Who, I ask, is more likely to detonate a car bomb in New York?

Your gratuitous and unwarranted slander of patriotic Americans was as fatuous as it was specious. Congratulations.


Robert R. Monti
Virginia Beach, VA