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The NY Times published a March 31st article on the recent launch of Air America — the new, happenin’ leftist radio talk show network. NOTA BENE: In order to make room for Air America’s launch, a number of African-American and other ethnic talk radio programs were reportedly forced to join sauropods and dodo birds in the nether gloom of extinction. How’s that for respecting and empowering minorities!

But I digress …

In the aforementioned article, Janeane Garofalo — the actress/comedienne turned talk radio host — makes some prejudicial and self-contradictory statements that are typical of left-leaning rhetoric. Ms. Garofalo basically accuses conservative talk radio hosts of being universally nasty and hateful. In the same breath, she sanctimoniously brings the intellectual capacity of conservatives into question while insisting that she and her colleagues at AirAmerica will refrain from the nasty behavior exemplified by right-wingers. Now that’s consistency and kindness in action, wouldn’t you say? Point of biblical application: Matthew 7:3-5.

At any rate, her comments inspired the following two-part rant diatribe installment of From the MonT-SteR’s Mouth:

Part I
Part II

Let me know what you think!


Rob Monti
aka The MonT-SteR