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I don’t really consider myself an old man, but I do find that God speaks to me through dreams quite a bit.

I haven’t written about it here, but my grandfather passed away near the end of May. As I wrote in my journal, it was “a moment I’ve been dreading most of my adult life. But it’s here, and so is God, and because of that, it’s okay. Granddad is not suffering anymore. He’s with the Lord. And I will see him again.”

The night after he died, I had the following dream. I have always known Granddad to be a believer, so as his health declined I never fretted about his eternal estate. After sharing this dream with my parents, they told me that as Granddad breathed his last in this world (after having suffering for so long), he had a smile on his face.

Here’s the dream:

I saw a sprawling property with multiple buildings and fields. It was very pleasant—the sun was shining brightly, the trees were green and swaying in the breeze, and the day was comfortably warm. The sky was a blazing, rich blue, full of bright white puffy clouds. Granddad was outside tending the property, preparing one area for some sort of race that he was hosting (I had the sense that it was a children’s event – the track he was creating was small). He was clearing debris from the field. He was not a young man – he looked older. Not as old as he did as of late, but the way I remember him in his 60’s. But he was hale, and spry as a man in his prime. He strode briskly around the property, shirt off, gloves on his hands, work boots on his feet. At one point, there was a stump in the ground he needed to clear. With incredible, superhuman strength, he grabbed it with both hands, effortlessly snapped the trunk way from the roots, and hurled it aside. As I observed this, I thought, “I’m in my 30’s and there’s no way I could do that!” I was concerned for his heart condition as I watched him work so hard, but nobody around me was worried. I looked at his face, and he looked back at me briefly – he was not smiling, but he seemed intent on his work. And deeply content.